“Suspended at Aphelion”, sin embargo, es bastante genérico.


Ese es un gran problema con los discos nuevos de bandas conocidas. Siempre tenemos expectativas de lo que debe ser. Eso fue lo que llevo a que “The Endless River” de Pink Floyd haya sido un flop crítico y con los fans (eso y que era aburridísimo). Es lo que hizo que mucha gente se haya separado de Opeth luego de “Heritage”.

Y a pesar de que yo consideraba estar por encima de eso, es eso lo que me separa a mí de “While Heaven Wept”.

Estos maestros del doom tienen ya décadas bajo el cinturón y es con gratos recuerdos que me resuena aun en la cabeza su cover de “Epistle N.81” de Candlemass.

Sonando en aquella época a lo que el doom metal iba a sonar si evolucionaba naturalmente desde aquellos discos de Candlemass en los 80s, While Heaven Wept prometía ser parte de los lideres dentro del genero.

“Suspended at Aphelion”, sin embargo, es bastante genérico.

No es malo y no digo que haya que innovar en cada disco. Las canciones son decentes, la producción es excelente y la ejecución es competente. Es simplemente que el álbum no evoca demasiado a nivel emocional y es algo que dentro del doom metal es requerimiento excluyente.

No puedes hacer un disco de doom metal con sabor a vainilla. Tiene que evocar algo, tiene que agarrarte las tripas. Aunque sea helado sabor a curry.

“Suspended at Aphelion”, lastimosamente, es vainilla: tiene todos los elementos para “gustar” a la mayor cantidad de gente posible (buena producción, canciones decentes, vocales modernas, estructuras modernas), pero es justamente por esa ambición de gustar a muchos, que termina evocando nada, al menos en mí.


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  1. Tom Phillips

    Gracias for listening and for your review. I however must disagree with you, as WHW is 100% ALL emotion…actual feelings based on real life events, people, and experiences. “SAA” is NOT a “Doom Metal” album at all, rather a Progressive album, and it does requires MANY listens to fully digest…if it is not listened to like this and complete, it will never be understood. I hope that you will give it a few more spins if you were ever a fan…or even if not. And there are over 100 reviewers throughout the world who disagree with you, whereas 10 concur…I suggest the readers listen and decide for themselves. https://www.facebook.com/notes/while-heaven-wept/the-good-the-bad-and-the-ugly-suspended-at-aphelion-reviews-to-date-120314-publi/10152812119518130

    • Marcos Codas

      Hey Tom,

      Thanks for taking the time to write. I’m actually quite glad you did, most people don’t bother (regardless of whether the review is good or bad).

      As for disagreeing, that’s fine. As a musician and producer myself, I too will defend an album in which I have faith, and I expect nothing less from any musician worth their salt.

      As for giving it another listen: absolutely! I will continue to listen to the album and nobody hopes that I change my mind about it more than myself, as I have been a fan of the band since Of Empires Forlorn.

      That being said, we have limited time and there’s only so much one can do with the time restraints imposed upon the media by the industry, and what the readers expect. I can’t wait for an album to steep for a couple of months in hopes that I like it. It’s the sad reality of the industry.

      Having said that, I did not give it just one spin. I have the outmost respect for people who are committed enough to record an album, as I know it is a painful, long and sometimes heart-breaking process. I do not take it lightly. The fact that we disagree on what it evokes is not tied to a “rushed job” (although you are of course free to disagree on that with me as well).

      As for people giving it a chance themselves: Absolutely! I wish for nothing more than for people to make their minds about this album and any album from any artist.

      My reviews are not written to impose my opinion upon others (even if they were I doubt they would succeed), but rather to express myself in regards to a topic that I find near and dear to my heart.

      That is the reason why, almost 8 years ago, my partner and I started GoetiaMedia. It’s because we like the music, and we wanted to have a voice.

      It’s much the same reason why I’m a musician, and why, I’m sure, you are a musician as well.

      I’m sure my opinion on the album will not deter you from working in music, much like your opinion of my review will not deter me from writing others (or other albums, either as a musician or producer).

      We will therefore have to be content with agreeing to disagree, while we both (honestly), hope that I develop a taste for Suspended At Aphelion, because there’s nothing I would like more than to have more music that I like.

      Lastly, while it is important for other people to read the other reviews (whether they agree or disagree with me), it is completely irrelevant to me personally, as another person’s opinion of an album will not make me change my mind about it.

      Much like my opinion will probably not change much about yours, or theirs, beyond having the pleasure of conversing with you through this medium.

      I wish WHW and yourself the very best musically and personally, and thank you again for taking the time to read the review and reply to it.

      A toast: to having a voice!


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